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Getting Married
May 21st, 2017

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Our Story

Lina and Mayur worked together at a startup in New York City.

Mayur was smitten by her from the moment he met her, but there was one problem: Lina wouldn't date anyone she worked with. So, Mayur did what any normal person would do: he quit his job. And in process, he gained a best friend and a better half for life.

Lina, already enamored, was impressed by his perseverance and no longer had any excuse. And the rest is history.

  • I'm Mayur

    Computer Nerd, Engineer, History buff

  • I'm Lina

    Fashionista, Foodie, TV expert

The Day

Our Wedding Venue

Check the map below to get location direction

Aashirwad Palace, Randolph, New Jersey

The Twenty-First of May, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Festive Attire

Wedding Program

9am - Mandap Muharat

10am - Graha Shanti

1pm - Var Ghodo

1:30pm - Hasta Melap




A block of rooms has been reserved at Sheraton Parsipanny Hotel for our guests at discounted rates. Please reference Belosky/Patel wedding when making reservations. Kindly make reservations by April 28th 2017.

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Vidhi (Pre-Wedding Rituals)

Mandap Muhurat

This ceremony is undertaken at the outset of most auspicious events. The families pray to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu God, who is believed to remove all obstacles and seek his divine blessing.


Pithi is a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, rosewater and perfume. The bride sits on a stool and the women of the house apply the Pithi on the bride’s body. The groom does the same thing.

Graha Shanti

The puja for Griha Shanti is performed with the family members and relatives to bring peace among the stars so that the couple can live a happy married life.

Wedding Rituals

Jaan/Var Ghodo

The groom, along with his entourage of family members and friends, arrive at the marriage venue. At the entrance the groom is welcomed by his prospective mother-in-law in a ceremony called Pokhvanu. She blesses him and performs a small ritual to ward off the evil eye.


The wedding ritual begins with Kanyadaan. The bride’s father places his daughter’s hand in her husband’s hand symbolizing the father is giving his daughter in the care of her husband.

Hasta Melap

In this ritual, the groom’s scarf or shawl is tied to the bride’s saree. This knot and the joined hands of the couple symbolise the union of two souls joined together in holy matrimony.

Mangal Pheras and Saptapadi

Mangal pheras are four pheras or rounds taken around the scared fire by the couple while the priest chant mantras. This is followed by Saptapadi, which are seven steps and vows taken by the couple together.

Sindoor and Mangalsutra

The groom places Sindoor (red powder) on the bride’s forehead & front hair-parting and places a necklace (called Mangalsutra) around her neck as a sign of his love and respect for her.




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